Your Storied Life: A Unique Biographical Pocket Portrait


Your Storied Life: A Unique Biographical Pocket Portrait


A unique, bite sized (500 to 1000 words), biographical portrait focussed on one relative in your family tree. It could be an important story about a specific time, event, or series of events in that person’s life. Or: A creative presentation of major parts of your relative’s life. Uniquely tailored, this Pocket Portrait honors your relative’s life in a fun and shareable way.

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What you give us:

  • Completed Psychobiography and Genealogy Questionnaire

  • Up to 10 photographs and/or documents that you would like incorporated in the portrait

  • Access to your online family tree (e.g., OR

  • Basic biographical and genealogical information about your relative.

What we give you:

  • A creative and unique presentation of your relative’s Storied Life that incorporates the photographs and information you provide with the details we obtain through our research.

  • One shareable, dynamic, and often multimedia post hosted on The Psychogenealogist.

  • A formatted PDF file of the portrait that you can download, print, and share in hardcopy form however you wish.

  • One hour of experienced newspaper research with full premium access to,,, and newspaper clipping sites.

  • Experienced research expertise and access to the full premium archives.

  • Decades of experience in: clinical psychology, creative writing, genealogy, and thoughtful inquiry about being human.

  • Unlimited email support for the duration of the project (and beyond, because, we’re cool like that).

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