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Have you ever asked yourself ...

  • How have I become who I am?
  • What did my ancestors think, feel, or worry about?
  • Where did my family come from and how does it shape me?
  • What are my family's secrets? Why were they kept? 
  • Who in my past am I most alike?
  • How did historical events shape the personalities of my forbearers?
  • Where can I learn about my family stories from historical documents? Where can I find those documents?
  • What will I teach my children about our roots?


Steven J. Hanley

Steven J. Hanley

I certainly have!

As a professional psychologist I am interested in other peoples' stories. As an amateur genealogist I am interested in my own. I hope The Psychogenealogist will inspire you to learn about and tell your own family story. I draw heavily on my own  genealogical story as a guide. 

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