Guide for Professional Photo Colorization and Restoration

Your best black and white or sepia toned photographs are usually well suited for professional photo colorization. In short: the better the original photo the better the results. Here are some examples with some recommendations.


Rich spectrum of gray colors and good resolution. Ideal for photo colorization.


Less shading contrast and average resolution. Colorization will produce average results.


Low resolution and contrast with important details lost. Generally not suitable for colorization.

With a good original photograph you can expect true to life colorization results like these.

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— Edgar Degas

Scanning Guidelines for Photo Colorization

Please consider these tips when choosing and scanning photographs you would like to have colorized:

  1. Choose Your Best Original Photos: Your photo should be in focus. Some fuzziness or damage can be repaired, but heavily faded or blank areas cannot.

  2. Scan in “RGB” Mode: This is the ideal photo scanning setting for colorization, even though you are scanning black and white photos. It provides the most detail for vibrant and beautiful colorization.

  3. Resolution: At minimum your scanning resolution should be set at 300 DPI (dots per inch). For an 8X10 original that is sufficient. For smaller photos 600 DPI is better. The overall size of your file should be at least 1MB.

  4. Save in JPG File Format: Make sure to check the “highest quality” (or similar equivalent) on your scanning software. This allows for the most detail to be captured.

  5. Crop Your Photographs: This eliminates unnecessary and wasteful blank space around your photographs.

  6. Choose Photos That You LOVE: These will be works of art for you to enjoy and pass along to the generations that follow.

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