The Psychogenealogist now offers museum quality digital photograph colorization and restoration services by the talented artists at Okkama Colorizations.

There are many reasons to consider an expert photograph colorization and restoration artist. Here are just a few.

True to Life Vibrant Colors

Experience the magic of bringing true to life vibrant colors to your treasured heirloom photographs.

Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.
— Paul Gauguin

Bring Your Family’s History to Colorful Life

Do you have a treasured black and white family photo that you’ve been enjoying for years or even decades? Have you wondered what your ancestors might have “really” looked like in their homes, work, and places of worship? Our expert photo colorization artists can bring your ancestral history to life in a way that your family will enjoy and appreciate for generations to come.

Secure the Shadow, Ere the Substance Fade
— 19th Century Photographer's Slogan

Restore Precious Heirlooms

As beautiful and rich as professional photo colorization can be, some people prefer the simplicity of black and white. Many of your precious heirloom photographs likely have damage, creases, dust, tears, missing pieces, or mold. We offer expert restoration of damaged black and white photographs.

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