One Year Anniversary of The Psychologenealogist Giveaway!

Happy 1st Anniversary!

One year ago, on a whim, The Psychogenealogist was born!

The aim of The Psychogenealogist was to explore the spaces where psychology, genealogy, and history converge. 


So far so good! During this past year we've accomplished the following:

  • Over 60 blog posts
  • 44 week straight Pic of the Week series (and counting)
  • Thousands of Facebook and Twitter posts
  • Countless personal discoveries from my own family's history
  • Dozens of "new" cousins met
  • Great genealogy friends made
  • Stories of strangers discovered and told
  • And much, much more ... 

I have lots of new ideas in store and I'm looking forwarding to sharing them with you in the coming months and years. 

Thanks to all of you, family and friends, who have taken part in this journey. Whether you've been an active participant or just a casual observer, I appreciate your following along.

So, why not join in the fun? While supplies last I am offering The Psychogenealogist One Year Anniversary Giveaway. Just for fun and all for free. It's a small token of my appreciation. 

Click below to check out the new Psychogenealogist General Store. The current offer is the only item there at present, but I have some ideas about things to stock the shelves with in the future. 


With The The Psychogenealogist One Year Anniversary Giveaway you will get, for free:

  1. One random vintage photograph or photo slide mailed to any U.S. address
  2. High quality digital scan of the same photo emailed to you
  3. Thinking, writing, or research prompt about your photo
  4. Free registration to The Psychogenealogist Newsletter
  5. Chance to share your genealogy or history insights on a future post on The Psychogenealogist Blog

Limit 1 order per order. While supplies last.

If you have some thoughts or make some discoveries about the photography I send you, I would love for you to pass the along. They may make there way into a future blog post, with full credit given to you for your research efforts.