The Psychogenealogist Pic of the Week (#52)

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Happy New Year!

I love the sentiment expressed in this postcard from 1914. It does seem like we cram a lot of holiday fun and excitement into the last week of the year. Wouldn't it be better to spread some of that fun throughout the rest of the year?

The card shows two cartoonish children sitting on a bench discussing the the timing of Christmas and the New Year:

"I can't understand why it's only a week from Christmas to Happy New year when three hundred and sixty days must go by before Christmas again will appear!"

This postcard is dated December 20, 1914. It was sent from Metamora, Illinois. It was addressed to a Miss Barbara Eggen at 614 E. Mulberry St. in Bloomington, Illinois.

The mood conveyed on the back of the postcard is more serious. It reads:

Dear Friend:
Ruth is no better. Pulse is 120-130 per minute. She looks awfully bad and the doctors say she can't possibly recover. She must lie in bed day after day, no visitors and nothing to do but wait to see the mail carrier come. How is the world treating you? I was to go to Peoria to get my teeth finished tomorrow but it doesn't look very favorable for driving now. Last week we went in our machine. I saw Jennie Tanner Shuler in Chi (Chicago, presumably) when I was up there. Wishing you a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. I am your friend,
Ethel B. Kamfi (?)

There is A LOT of information crammed into this tiny postcard. I don't have the time now, but here are the things I would look into to try to find relatives of any of the named individuals in the card:

  • Who was Barbara Eggen in Bloomington, Ill in 1914?
  • Was "Ruth" a friend or a family member?
  • What is medically wrong with Ruth?
  • Who is Ehtel Kamfi?
  • Does "our machine" refer to a car?
  • Who is Jennie Tanner Schuler and what is she doing in Chicago?

I would love if any of my blog readers could look into some of this information and help us all lear more of the story.  

Let me know what you can find!

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Happy New Year to you all. I am really looking forward to 2018! I hope you are too.

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