The Psychogenealogist Pic of the Week (#24)

Every Friday The Psychogenealogist shares a "Pic of the Week." The intent is to encourage thought and imagination about the spaces where psychology, genealogy, and history converge.

It has been hovering around 90 degrees here in Michigan this week. And the AC in my office is not working properly. That is why this photograph caught my attention. It cooled me down just looking at it.

"HMCS Lockport Dec 1942"

"HMCS Lockport Dec 1942"

The person in the photo appear to be on a ship, in the water, and bundled up in the middle of winter. If it is labelled correctly it is almost certainly the HMCS Lockeport (note the slightly different spelling) of The Royal Canadian Navy seen here:

The Royal Canadian Navy website has this to say about the Lockeport:

"Built for the Royal Navy at Vancouver, British Columbia, but transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy for manning, the Bangor Class minesweeper Lockeport was commissioned on 27 May 1942 and served with Esquimalt Force until 17 March 1943, when she left for Halifax, Nova Scotia.

On her arrival there on 30 April, she was assigned briefly to Western Local Escort Force and in June to Halifax Force. In November and December 1943, she was loaned to Newfoundland Force but was withdrawn owing to engine trouble.

On 9 January 1944, while en route to Baltimore, Maryland, for refit, her engines broke down during a storm, and she made 190 miles under improvised sail before being towed the rest of the way to her destination. Upon her return to Halifax in April, Lockeport was ordered to Bermuda to work up, and on the homeward journey she escorted the boats of the 78th Motor Launch Flotilla. Returning to Sydney Force in May 1944, she was frequently an escort to the Port-aux-Basques/Sydney ferry.

She left Canada on 27 May 1945 for the United Kingdom, and was returned to the Royal Navy at Sheerness on 2 July, to be broken up three years later."


Here is a nice article about the Lockeport with some first hand accounts and recollections of those who sailed on it: Ceremony in Lockeport Aug. 22 to mark 75th anniversary of launching of HMCS Lockeport.


  • Who is the person in the picture? I presume it is a man but could it be a woman?
  • What is his story? Where is he going and where has he been?
  • What stories have you heard about your ancestors travels on ships?
  • What was Canada's role in WWII? 
  • How does war impact the psychology of a person? Of a nation? Of the descendants that came after?

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