The Psychogenealogist Pic of the Week (#94) - Illinois Boy Charles Shauk Wears Unique Outfit

Every Friday The Psychogenealogist shares a "Pic of the Week." The intent is to encourage thought and imagination about the spaces where psychology, genealogy, and history converge.

This week we have a cabinet card photograph of a little boy. He looks to be about four years old to me. His outfit really caught my eye when I was rummaging through a box of old photos at an antique store.


The photographer is a W.J. Huitt from Kane, Illinois. The marking on the back indicates that the boy is a Charles Shauk. That is all I know.


I did a very quick preliminary search and nothing obvious came up. There are some “Shauks” in Cook County, IL. I also considered that the name might be “Shawk”. Regardless, there are many leads you could explore if you are interested in learning more.

I would love to know what you discover! Please either comment below or send me a message and I will update the post.

Here are some questions I have.


  • What sort of hat and outfit is the boy wearing?

  • When was the photo taken?

  • What do you think, feel, and wonder about as you look at the photograph?

  • What is Charles’s story?

  • Does Charles have any relatives alive today who might like this photo as a family keepsake?

  • During what years did the photographer operate?