The Psychogenealogist Pic of the Week (#108) - Mr. Gust to Mr. Rentschler of Kaukauna, Wisconsin

Every Friday The Psychogenealogist shares a "Pic of the Week." The intent is to encourage thought and imagination about the spaces where psychology, genealogy, and history converge.

A well dressed man stands with his left hand resting gently on the back of a wicker chair. His hair is combed neatly to the side as he stares toward the camera. His mustache his impeccably groomed.


Though very hard to see, the bottom of this cabinet card photograph says “Richardson” as the photographer. Beneath it lists the city as Kaukauna, Wisconsin.

The back is plane except for the following inscription that I have enlarged and highlighted for easier reading.


It appears to say “Gustav A Gust to ? L. Rentschler”. I cannot quite decipher the second gentleman’s (presumably a man) first name.


  • Who are these men and what are their stories?

  • Is the man in the photo Gustav? Is he sending a photo to a friend?

  • What is the first name of the second person?

  • Is the writing on the back more recent?

  • When was this photo taken?

  • When was the photographer Richardson of Kaukauna, WI in business?

  • What was the relationship like between the sender and receiver of the photograph?

  • What do you think, feel, and wonder about as you look at the image?

I would love to hear your thoughts about these questions or other ideas that occur to you about the photo. Please feel to leave a comment below!

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