Sailors and Bunnies Aboard the John Ena in Full Color (1916)

What’s not to love about old-timey sailing men on a ship holding bunnies?

This original black and white photo was shared on the Australian National Maritime Museum photo gallery page. According to the notes:

“This photograph depicts crewmen posing on board the four-masted steel barque JOHN ENA probably during its May 1916 visit to Sydney. Between 1900 and the 1950s, Sydney photographer Sam Hood took hundreds of photographs of ships and their crew for souvenirs of their visit or to send home to families. This photograph depicts one of the crew members holding a pet rabbit.”

If you look closely you’ll actually see two crewmen holding pet rabbits!

The photo has been beautifully colorized with rich, true to life colors by Okkama Colorizations, now providing services exclusively at The Psychogenealogist.

Here is the John Ena in all of its full four masted glory!

And an article from the year these men (and rabbits) were sailing on the John Ena.

This article describes what is likely the very same trip in May of 1916!

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