Consult With The Psychogenealogist

Introducing a New Service:

In 2016 I started The Psychogenealogist to help people find and tell their family history stories. Since then I have informally helped MANY of you with your genealogy and family tree questions and curiosities through emails, Facebook comments, and Facebook Messenger discussions. I have also shared hundreds of my own family discoveries along the way.

I hope you have found that not only useful, but encouraging! I love doing it!

Today I am excited to announce a more formalized version of that service that, up until now, I have happily provided for free.


What is “Consult With The Psychogenealogist”?

It is a uniquely tailored, primarily online (email and Facebook Messenger) consultation with me (Steve, aka The Psychogenealogist) to address and explore your specific genealogy and family history questions. These consultations are currently offered in one week long increments.

Here are just some of the MANY issues we could focus on (or ALL of them as time allows).

  • Family Tree assistance

    Helping you create a basic family tree. I can create it for you (with your input of course) and hand it over to you after it gets going. Or, I can help walk you through the process.

  • Comprehensive Newspaper Clipping Searches

    Comprehensive newspaper clipping searches for your family. I have full premium access to several newspaper clipping websites including:

    These are invaluable resources that have helped me make hundreds of personal family discoveries. I know tips and tricks with these sites that can save you time and get you results that you would otherwise miss. For every article I find related to your family I will send you a link where you can download and print directly. If links aren’t available I will email you a copy of the article.

  • Other Research searches, guidance, and tips

    I can help guide you through some of the MANY valuable research tools that I have used in my own family research, including:

  • Genealogy DNA guidance

    I have personal experience using several genealogy DNA services that I can share with you. These include:

  • Sharing your family history coaching

    I love a a good story and I guarantee that there are several in your family tree. I’ll help you find, write, and share them. This might include:

    • Writing prompts, style suggestions, and structured assignments

    • Instruction and suggestions for private Facebook genealogy groups that you can create and maintain

    • General encouragement with your genealogical endeavors

    • and more….!

What a “Consult With The Psychogenealogist” is NOT:

  • Professional Psychological Service

    Though my professional training as a clinical psychologist greatly informs my genealogical interests and story telling, a Consult With The Psychogenealogist is NOT a professional psychological service for emotional or mental health needs.

  • A Guarantee ALL of your Genealogy Mysteries will be solved

    My experience is that difficult genealogical questions take years of diligent and focussed inquiry. We MIGHT luck out, but don’t expect to find that long lost relative you’ve been looking decades for, or to document a paper trail of your Native American heritage.

How it works!

  • Submit an initial no obligation inquiry

    Fill out the form below with some of your specific family history questions and curiosities.

  • Receive initial inquiry email response

    After reviewing your initial inquiry I will send you a detailed response with an assessment what assistance I may be able to offer you.

  • Make online payment

    If you decide to move forward, this payment secures an agreed upon period of consultation and start date. During that time you will receive AT MINIMUM:

    • One detailed email response per day to any email inquiries you make. You'll receive these responses within 24 hours, and usually much sooner than that.

    • Ongoing communications via Facebook Messenger for shorter questions or discussion. During daytime hours Facebook Messenger inquiries are usually addressed in a couple of hours.

    • Quick phone or video calls (less than 10 minutes) are available if scheduled in advance at no extra charge. Longer calls may require additional fees.

    • Links or files (sent via email) of any documents I find for you during the period of consultation. These can be stored or printed at your convenience.

    • A “Consult With The Psychogenealogist Summary” emailed to you at the end of the consultation recapping the main work and discoveries. It will also include some suggestions for future work or inquiries should you wish to schedule another week of consultation.


I had the pleasure of having Steve help me in my ancestor research. He was very patient with my on going questions and very thorough in his research. As information was discovered Steve seemed just as excited as I was. It is appreciated how he handled all of my families Information with all the respect and love that they deserve. He and his writing partner also put together a life story of my Grandmother, Thelma Earle Hoye. This story is very well done and a precious treasure to me. I highly recommend his services.
— Elaine L.
You have accomplished an amazing job of finding my relative, photographer, Charles C. Kough and so much information about him and his family. I have over 6000 names in my tree but never could locate him. It was really special that you prepared a portion of the tree showing me relationships! Thank you so much!! You are doing a wonderful work helping people locate their families. With my gratitude and appreciation for your genealogy work.
— Mariellyn Hill, Oak Brook, Illinois

Do you want to move forward? Just fill out the form below and I will be in touch with you shortly. I can’t wait to get started!

Consult With The Psychogenealogist

Initial Inquiry Form

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What sort of assistance are you looking for? Do you have specific questions or relatives that you would like to explore? Please give as much information as possible and be on the lookout for a follow up email from me for additional information.
If you have a tree and it is public it will help me to review the work you have already done. If not is not public we can make arrangements for you to share it with me specifically.