Pic of the Week (#131) - Ida's Patriotic Summer Celebration

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Summer is in full swing as we celebrate the 4th of July this week. If you have followed my posts you’ll know that I have written a great deal about my great grandmother, Ida Rhoads Sears (1900-2002).

Always fun-loving and jovial, this photo really captures Ida’s spirit. She is on the far right wearing what looks like a patriotic American flag hat. Was the group here gathered for an Independence Day celebration? It is hard to know for sure, but it seems quite possible.

The woman on the far left is Ida’s mother, my 2nd great grandmother, Mary Margaret Costlow Rhoads (1858-1947). The man kneeling in the center is Ida’s husband, my great grandfather, Arthur Bryan Myers Sears (1900-1964).

I am guessing the the older girl next to Arthur is my great aunt, Dorothy Sears (1922-1927). On Arthur’s left I believe is my grandmother, Betty Grace Sears Hanley (1924-1981). The others are probably Ida’s Rhoads siblings or in-laws of hers. I am guessing the year is about 1927, probably not long before great aunt Dorothy died of scarlet fever.

Part of the reason Ida appears so prominently in my family history blogs is that I had so many experiences with her up through my young adulthood. She died when I was in graduate school and I recall visits to visit her, especially on Thanksgiving, from my earliest of memories.

Another reason she appears so prominently is that she left an amazing photographic record, including this cherished photo album that has some of the earliest pictures of people in our family tree.

Here is a video montage of Ida through the years.

My great grandmother, Ida Rhoads Sears, (1900-2002) through the years.

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