Bank of Montreal Hockey Team Reimagined in Full Color (1895)

Vintage sports team group photographs are some of my favorites. This one of the Bank of Montreal Hockey Team of 1895 doesn’t disappoint (see the original here).

It has been beautifully colorized with rich, true to life colors by Okkama Colorizations, now providing services exclusively at The Psychogenealogist.

It is hard to know for sure who these spirited Canadians are, but here are two articles about this team from around the same time period.

Here is an 1891 sports update detailing the Bank of Montreal’s five to one win over the Bank of Toronto.

And in this brief mention of “City And District News”, the same two teams shared a meal and “passed a very pleasant time.” Though a year before the 1895 team pictured above, in seems likely that some of these gentleman attended this very meal!

If you are interested in another awesome sports team photograph check out 1942 Letterman of Saint Michael High School in Flint, MI: Michael John Hanley Jr. (1924-2015).

We would love to hear what you think! Here are the two photos side by side:

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