The Psychogenealogist Pic of the Week (#89) - "I'm Your Melon Honey" (1913)

Every Friday The Psychogenealogist shares a "Pic of the Week." The intent is to encourage thought and imagination about the spaces where psychology, genealogy, and history converge.

This is just your run of the mill postcard from 1913 picturing a smiling watermelon wearing a top hat and bow tie. Beneath him are the words: “I’m Your Melon Honey”. For being over 100 years old, the colors on this postcard really pop.


The postcard was sent from Mint Spring, Virginia on September 26, 1913. It was addressed to:

Miss Annie Fultz

Raphine, Virginia

Rockbridge County


Raphine is only about 15 miles southwest of Mint Spring. Here is a rotated and enlarged crop of the text of the card.


Here is what I could decipher. Can you fill in the gaps?


Why don’t you write. Did you get to hear Mr. Millican (?) many times say grace (?) We will go to Strasburg to live soon. Write and come please (?) I’ll be busy getting ready (?).

With love,

Cathy/Clara ?

Have you still ??

Obviously there is a lot of room for interpretation here.

Test your Genealogy Research Chops!

Can you help me discover who the people referenced in this postcard are? Perhaps you could help me find a descendent related to this family who might like the postcard for a family history keepsake? Here are some questions to think about:

  • Who is sending the card?

  • Why is the writer moving to Strasburg (presumably the city not too far up the road in VA)?

  • How old are the writer and recipient? Are they friends? Family?

  • Who is the Mr. referenced in the note? A teacher?

  • What do you think, feel, and wonder about as you read the card?

  • Why did the sender chose this particular postcard to send?

I would love to hear what you come up with!