Captured in Kodachrome: Boy Celebrates 5th Birthday at Skokie Country Club (1956)

Here is another series of vintage 1956 Kodachrome photo slide images. The notes on this particular set says: “Dec ‘56 - Jon’s 5th Birthday Party - Skokie C.C.” This appears to be the same boy that was in The Psychogenealogist Pic of the Week (#51).

Sitting at the center of the table in photo 1, wearing the “Party Chief” hat, is presumably Jon. I recognize him from several other photos in this same collection of over 300 that I purchased on eBay.



I am guessing that these were taken at the “Skokie Country Club”. There is a country club by that name, with a famous golf course, outside of Chicago, Illinois.

Here are several more photos from the same occasion.



The children seem to be dining on chicken, peas, mashed potatoes, cake, and ice cream. The tables are adorned with festive party favors and hats.



There is a peculiar structure in the middle of this table. At first I thought it was a cake, but it appears to be a model of some reindeer pulling a sleigh.









I am guessing that photo 8 shows Jon giving his father a hug.





These last three appear to be taken on a different day. Note that Jon is wearing a different outfit. The labels on the slide collection say these were from Jon’s “family” party, which was different from his party with friends.



A shot of the dapper birthday boy posing in front of the fireplace.



And a closeup of the curious table decoration that we saw earlier.